Year of realization: November – December 2009
Cargo type: military radar station on the wheelbase KUNG
Route: Chernigov (Ukraine) – Singapore (Singapore) 
Customer: Skylift Consolidation Pte (Singapore)
Provider: Ukrspecexport 
Service: auto transportation of the cargo from Chernigov – Odessa, sea transportation port Odessa – port Cagliary – port Singapore.


Year of realization:                       July – September 2009
Cargo type:                                   press (engineering) equipment for AVTOVAZ
Route:                                            Kanazava (Japan) – Togliatti (Russia) 
Customer:                                     SAGA JAPAN
Provider:                                       Kamatsu, Japan                       
Service:                                         transshipment of equipment from the board of sea vessel to the board of river-sea type vessel in port Mariupol, cargo delivery to the port Togliatti, discharge in port Togliatti, auto/railway transportation from port Togliatti to the  plant storage area AVTOVAZ.


Year of realization: September-November 2008
Cargo type: Brewery (brewery shop), 4420 m3
Route: Novi Sad (Serbia) - Nignij Novgorod (Russia) 
Customer: company Krones AG (Germany) - ATR (Russia)
Provider: company Heineken (Russia) 
Service: combined transportation (motor transport, river barges, sea vessels, river barges, motor transport) of the equipment , through p.p. Novi Sad\Reni\Rostov-on-Don\N.Novgorod (Oka river bank). Terms of shipment are DDU.


Year of realization:                   December – February 2007-2008 
Cargo type:                                Wind power station (2 sets), 1670 m 3
Route:                                        CKD, Czech Republic – Elista (20 km), Kalmykia (Russia)                             
Customer:                                 CKD Energo, Praha
Provider:                                   company Falcon Capital
Service:                                     combined transportation (motor transport, river barges, sea vessels, motor transport) through p.p. Bratislava\Reni\Rostov-on-Don. Terms of shipment are DDU.

Strings: d=3800mm-4600mm,l=22000-28000mm,weight=35-50mt, 
Generator: d=4800mm, h=3800mm, weight=68mt

Year of realization:                   October-November 2007 
Cargo type:                                Module – 2 units                     
Route:                                         Regensburg (Germany) – Mariupol (Ukraine)
Customer:                                  DUV GmbH (Germany)
Service:                                      receipt of the cargo in port Regensburg, the loading on river barges, transshipment in port Reni, sea transportation into the port Mariupol, loading on the motor transport. Terms of shipment are DCU.

Module 1 – L=45m, W=4.6m, H=4.8m; weight – 68mt.
Module 2 – L=43.5m, W=4.6m, H=4.8m; weight – 65mt.

Year of realization:                           2003-2004 
Cargo type:                                            Production plant of woodchip board (used)
Route:                                                     Bremen (Germany) – Noushahr (Iran)
Customer:                                              Natco Gmbn International
Service:                                                  transport by road to port Regensburg, loading of river tonnage and delivery into port Izmail, complex of transshipment in port Izmail, delivery by the vessels of the type river-sea in port Noushahr. Terms of shipment are CPT.

Cargo volume: 14 000 m3; different press, capacity, conveyors, equipment components of the plant   in total – 67 units, weight– 18-55mt  and 200  containers 40', weight – 25-37 mt.

Year of realization:                    June – July 2008 
Cargo type:                                 equipment of oil-refining plant
Route:                                          Kuwait - Astrakhan (Russia)
Customer:                                   Lukoil, NEK Moscow 
Provider:                                   ABJ (Kuwait) и Natco UK Limited (England)        
Service:                                    transport by road port Shauba, complex of cargo transshipment, delivery by sea vessels into port Derange, consolidation of the cargo in port and delivery into Astrakhan. Terms of shipment are CPT.

Description: separators, desalinates, decontaminators of the oil   in quantity 11 units, weight – 16-35 mt., L= 10-15m., d= 3.5-4.55m.+ purchase, shipment, loading on the plants of  9 containers type Highcube and complex of transportation to the place of destination.

Year of realization:                   September-October 2007
Cargo type:                                mobile crushing and screening plant with accessories, 2700 м3
Route:                                          Derange (Turkey) – Apapa (Nigeria)
Customer:                                   MTF LTD.CO. Istanbul (Turkey)
Service:                                    loading, sea transportation through port Derange, delivery to the consignee’s plant.

Cargo description:  48 parts, 22х4.2х4.6 m (bunker – 2 piece), weight=52 ton; conveyers, metal constructions, accessories. 

Year of realization:                          September-October 2007
Cargo type:                                 machinery, 27 unites 
Route:                                          Derange (Turkey) – Kaduna (Nigeria)
Customer:                                   Eksiogullari Insaat Endustri TIC AS.
Service:                                    loading, sea transportation and offloading in port Lagos (Nigeria), delivery into the Kaduna (Nigeria.).

Cargo description: 17 machinery unites (Mercedes Benz Damper Truck), weight=25 ton; 6 machinery unites (Caterpillar excavator), weight= 40 ton; 4 machinery unites (Kawasaki Wheel Loader), weight= 35 ton.

Year of realization:                           July 2013 

Cargo type:                                          Back up Roll; 11,286 х 2,51 х 2,5m; 231,37 tn.

Route:                                                   port Civitavecchia (Italy) – Magnitogorsk (Russia)

Customer:                                             Etransa Speditions AG, Austria

Supplier:                                               Sytco A.G., Switzerland

Service:                                                 handling operations in port Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) for further delivery by railway                                    transport.  


Year of realization:                             October - December 2013

Cargo type:                                          cylinder-conical tank for brewing (7 units); 21,90 х 6,21 х 6,26m, 26,2 tn\unit.

Route:                                                   port Oktjabrsky (Ukraine) – Chernigov(Ukraine)

Customer:                                             Agility Logistics, Ukraine

Supplier:                                               Brewing plant «Jantar», Nikolaev

Service:                                                 loading\unloading of the cargo, creating of cargo securing schemes, fastening of

                                                               cargo, delivery of the cargo on the route port Oktjabrsky – berth of «Enegroatom»,



Year of realization:                             April - May 2016

Cargo type:                                          equipment in boxes; 573,5 cub.m; 91,98 tn.

Route:                                                   Germany - Uzbekistan

Customer:                                             Bloedorn East Trans GmbH, Germany

Supplier:                                               Krones AG, Germany

Service:                                                 river transportation port Regensburg (Germany) – port Constanca (Romania), reloading of the cargo in port Constanca from river barge onto vessel of river-sea type, sea transportation port Constanca – port Aktau (Kazahstan).


Year of realization:                             March – April 2018

Cargo type:                                          secondary reforming reactor; 17,5 х 5,2 х 5,35m; 118 tn. Route:                                                   Austria - Ukraine

Customer:                                             Vneshtranslogistiks-Project LTD, Russia

Supplier:                                               Schoeller-Bleckmann Nitec GmbH, Austria

Service:                                                 river transportation port Linz (Austria) – port Izmail (Ukraine), cargo transshipment port Izmail, river transportation port Izmail – port Kamenskoe, cargo transshipment port Kamenskoe onto auto transport, road delivery to project site of «DneprAzot» plant, Kamenskoe.